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Possible Applications

Industries that can benefit from our technology

Manufacturing Assembly


Eliminate paperwork, improve quality control & increase efficiency

Image by SpaceX

Aerospace & Defense

Enhancing the authenticity and traceability of aircraft components and maintenance records.

Legal Consultant

Government & Legal

Verifying the authenticity of government-issued IDs, legal documents, and certificates.



Track and trace the origin of critical system components - providing unprecedented levels of security and authentication

Industrial Tractor_edited.jpg

Industrial Equipment

Enhancing the traceability of industrial equipment.

Multiple Rings

Luxury Goods

Authenticating high-end products and tracking their origin.

Car Frame

Service Parts

Identify your spare parts as quickly and accurately as possible

Photography Exhibition

Art & Collectibles

Proving the authenticity and provenance of valuable art and collectible items.

Vaccine Production Line


Ensuring the authenticity of medical supplies and equipment while enhancing patient safety.

And many more...

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