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Asset Fingerprinting at Scale

Our platform turns a low cost printed or stamped pattern into a unique secure digital fingerprint for any asset, from forklifts to microchips. There’s no need to rely on laser etching, serial numbers or QR codes anymore. We've already been awarded 16 patents and are based on the principles inherent in dendritic identifiers.

Dendrtic Identifier

Our technology enables efficient item-level tracking, tracing, and authentication of any object from forklifts to microchips.


Naturally unique allowing item-level identification


Tailored and permission-based access to data


Creation of a digital record that is linked to its physical twin


Physical identifier can be made in different sizes and materials according to needs


Non-replicable and can be made to be non-removable


Readable using just a smartphone or in-line camera

Car Factory

Enabling Industry 4.0 themes of innovation

Industry 4.0 is all about interconnecting physical and digital systems to create more intelligent and efficient manufacturing processes. Our technology finally bridges the gap between these two worlds.

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